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Theresa May`s Brexit deal with Brussels stipulates that Britain and the EU have agreed to negotiate a „comprehensive air deal“ for flights between the UK and the EU during the planned transition period, but it would not apply if the UK left the EU without a deal. Today, I signed a bilateral agreement with the United States to ensure that British/American air services continue to exist between our two nations beyond the EU transition period. Normally, millions of passengers use these services each year and contribute more than $230 billion to our trade relationship with the United States pic.twitter.com/HoIIeq5tig The agreement will allow for the unfettered continued flight of passengers by U.S. and British airlines from one country to another. U.S. all-cargo carriers also benefit from additional traffic rights on us-uk routes. Air traffic between the United States and the United Kingdom was covered by the US-European Union (EU) open skies regime, but the UK`s withdrawal from the EU necessitateed a new agreement. The U.S.-U.K. Open Ski Agreement grants additional rights to cargo flights The agreement, which is a close extension of the U.S. open skiing agreement model, facilitates strong competition and is clearly consumer-friendly. The United States is an important destination for British businesses and tourists, while the UK welcomes many American visitors to its coasts. Tuesday`s stage was procedural in nature.

The agreement, which also applies to British overseas territories such as Bermuda and the Turkish and Cay territories, was negotiated in November 2018. „The agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom provides seventh freedom air traffic rights for all-American transportation services,“ the DOT said. „This means that U.S. airlines can offer all-cargo services between the UK and a third country without providing a trade link to the U.S..“ Transport Minister Chris Grayling today (28 November 2018) announced the completion of a new „open skies“ regime with the US, which ensures that the UK will remain one of the world`s most important air hubs after Brexit for travellers and airlines. This agreement will replace the current EU air services agreement with the US, as the UK continues to consolidate global relations as we prepare for a future outside the EU. The deal means Brexit won`t disrupt transatlantic flight between nations. Britain left the EU at the beginning of the year, but remains in practice under EU agreements and rules until the end of the transition period at the end of this year. The terms of the agreement were reached on November 28, 2018. The agreement „will facilitate a smooth transition to international air markets for travelers, airlines, shippers and other interest groups,“ the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) said in a statement.


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