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Although none of the exceptions apply, it is nevertheless important to check whether Strata has a legal rent limit. If they are faced with such a problem, it is best to contact a strata lawyer. to account for all of the money and ownership of Strata owned or received, on behalf of Strata, by Strata`s management company or its related position managers. In addition to the general obligations imposed on an agent by the common law, RESA and the real estate regulations establish additional behavioural requirements for those authorized to provide team management services. The service agreement should specify the extent to which the postal management company and its managers can make decisions and enter into contracts on behalf of Strata. The service agreement can provide the postal management company and its managers with considerable flexibility to make decisions without consulting strata. In other cases, the service agreement may require the postal management company and postmasters to act only on instruction and with the agreement of the Strategy Council. If a position management company, a job manager or an employee of a post management company or a post manager has benefits in this way (or therefore depart from it), it must be communicated to Strata. Section 5-1 of the Property Regulations lists the points that parties must consider in determining the extent and nature of the services to be provided. Section 5-1 of the Real Estate Settlement stipulates that written service agreements contain specific content, including the following: Although owners are required to authorize the payment of administrative costs to enter into contracts with a post office company, the choice of a post management company is a rolling board decision, unless the owners have expressly ordered the work council to do so.

As a general rule, the tax is included in the budget as approved by the owners at the general meeting („general meeting“), or as an additional fee either at the general meeting or at an extraordinary general meeting. As a condition of their agreement, a labour council may require an owner to enter into an amendment or compensation agreement with Strata. Such agreements generally require owners to cover all costs of the changes (both now and in the future). The working committee should consider whether the working committee`s agreement is necessary before the team management company can transfer reserve funds for unforeseen actions to fill a temporary gap in the operating fund.


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